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Form Innovation Inc. provides Windows based high speed image file conversion software products and services.

Conversion Products
Convert IBM Image formats (MODCA, IOCA, PTOCA) and industry standards including TIFF, PDF, JPEG and PNG. ImageToolbox developer versions and "no programming required" batch processing application are available.
Custom Solutions
For projects that need special conversion, reporting, file handling, database connectivity or integration features. Don't compromise. Get the software solution designed to match your business requirements and budget.

Support for a variety of industry standard file formats is available. We can also convert many undocumented, proprietary, obsolete or generally unsupported file formats to common standard formats.

Conversion software for developers and system integrators can be provided in a variety of executable types. A customized "ready to run" application is also offered for end-users.

Use our freeware diagnostic File Itemizer program to determine which file formats are stored in your imaging system and the reference page images to test image file handling.

Form Innovation Inc. works with each customer to provide a conversion solution that works best for them. All projects are quoted on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises.

We want to work with you. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

    The ImageToolbox - Quick Links
    What Is The ImageToolbox
    ImageToolbox Silver Feature Set
    ImageToolbox Gold Feature Set
    ITB Batch Processor - No Software Development Required
    Technical Information
        Conversion Benchmarks

Product Pricing

Custom Conversion Services
    Customized Image Conversion Features
    Types of Software Available
    Make Systems From Multiple Vendors Work Together
        Middleware Software Solutions
    Prepress Image Processing Software Solutions
    Sample Conversion Solutions
        TIFF Image Processing
        PDF to TIFF Image Extraction
        Compressed Text Processing
        Viewstar Back File Image Extraction
        Server Based Automated Batch Conversions
        Image Archive Processing
        Prepress Applications
        FileNET HPII and MRII
        CD Conversion Services

Diagnostic Testing Tools (Freeware)
    File Itemizer Program Identifies File Formats In A Batch
    Sample Image Files for Standard Paper Sizes

Image Formats
    ImageToolbox Image Format Support
    Other Image Format Support
        Deerfield Systems DVision Image Files (*.PIM)
        Imara Research Image Files (*.IMA)
    Image Format Definitions

Download Section
    ImageToolbox Time Limited Product Demos
    File Itemizer Diagnostic Program
    Sample Image Files for Standard Paper Sizes

Company Profile
    Our Operating Philosophy
        Powerful and Reliable Software
        Excellent Support
        Reasonable Prices

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