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Conversion Benchmarks

The ImageToolbox converts image files at speeds the competition cannot touch! The key is our proprietary Image Exchange Technology.

Image File Conversion Speeds - ImageToolbox Silver
  • TIFF to MODCA Conversion
    • 136 pages per second
    • 8,160 pages per minute
    • 489,600 pages per hour
    • 3,916,800 pages per 8 hour day

  • MODCA to TIFF Conversion
    • 120 pages per second
    • 7,200 pages per minute
    • 432,000 pages per hour
    • 3,456,000 pages per 8 hour day

Please contact us if you would like us to perform these tests on your sample images.

How The Benchmark Speed Tests Were Done

The benchmark testing was performed on an IBM E Series Model 54U PC (Intel Pentium III at 450 MHz with 96 MB RAM running Windows 98).

For each file format 3,000 bitonal (1 bit per pel) Group 4 compressed image pages with an average size of 23.4 KB were converted, resulting in about 70 MB of output files.

All tests were performed using a registered copy of the ImageToolbox Silver version 2.0.0.

Each conversion was performed three times (without restarting Windows between tests). The average elapsed time was used to calculate the benchmarks.

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