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Diagnostic Testing Tools (Freeware)

It's difficult to test any system without some diagnostic tools.

We encourage our customers to do lots of testing, but find that sometimes a key resource that would make the job possible is missing.

We find these freeware diagnostic testing tools useful and hope that you do too.

Please contact us if we can help with your project.

The File Itemizer solves a common imaging project challenge by identifying all the image file formats used in your system.

Knowing exactly which file formats must be processed reduces costs and unexpected project delays.

The program scans a large collection of image files to determine their file types and characteristics then writes the results to a log file report.

File types are detected by their contents. Files in TIFF, PDF, MODCA, IOCA, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and RFT formats are detected and itemized.

All recognized and unrecognized files found in the specified folder are itemized. Summary statistics for each file type are included in the log file.

The current version has a release date of October 26, 2009.

The File Itemizer diagnostic program is available in our Download Section.

We have created a set of page images for the paper sizes our customers use most often.

This test set of files contains paper sizes A4 (ISO 216), Letter (ANSI A) and Legal in TIFF, PDF, PNG and IBM's MODCA file formats.

Each file contains a single page image. The image characteristics are:

Letter Size Page Thumbnail
  • One bit per pixel (black & white)
  • The resolution is 200 dpi
  • Compression is Group 4 (CCITT T.6) except the PNG files which use Deflate
  • There is a two pixel black border along the inside edges of each image
  • Reference grid lines are spaced every inch (every 5 cm on A4 pages)

These image files can be used to test and troubleshoot a variety of features in your system. We have included features that should help you test file format conversions, viewing and printing, as well as import and export operations.

All the sample image files are available in our Download Section.

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