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Middleware Software Solutions

Often document processing software or hardware devices from different vendors cannot work properly with your document management system. We can provide that middleware or software glue needed to make these pieces work together.

Many scanners and advanced multifunction devices (also called MFPs) come with powerful file handling and indexing software that may be missing a small number of key features you need to store these documents. In other cases the image files may not be the correct format, or some critical indexing information may be missing. These limitations may stop you from purchasing the scanner with the best mix of features for your needs.

Sharing documents between imaging systems within an organization or between companies can also be a challenge. FTP sessions may need to run. Indexing or other document handling API functions in your document management system may need to be called. We can provide many types of innovative automated solutions to match your requirements.

The software needed to make two different systems work together often does not need to be complicated, but it must perform the one or more tasks you require very well. Our goal is to create the simplest solution that runs at the fastest speed, while also having the best reliability and fault tolerance possible. Software for either client machines or servers is available.

Some middleware projects we have delivered are described in the Sample Conversion Solutions section.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We offer solutions for end-users, VARs and hardware vendors. All work is quoted on a fixed price basis.

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