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Prepress Image Processing Software Solutions

Often scanned images need to be preprocessed before they can be used in formatted statements.

Usually a specific maximum image size as well as other characteristics must be applied to each image so they can be used in some multiple image per page layout. We can provide customized features such as:

  • Batch or single file processing with processing rules based on the source file name.
  • Process using "memory files" rather than "physical files".
  • File format conversion.
  • Reduce or enlarge images to standard sizes while maintining the aspect ratio (no distortion).
  • Change the image resolution.
  • Convert between grayscale and 1 bit images.
  • Rotate, flip and crop.
  • Add margins and frames to each image.
  • Add text or image watermarks.

If you need some other feature please ask us.

Some of the prepress projects we have delivered are described on our Services page.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. All work is quoted on a fixed price basis.

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