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Privacy Policy and Practices

We take your privacy very seriously and have taken many precautions to ensure any Personal or Corporate information you share with us remains strictly confidential. This information includes your name, contact information, any data or documents you provide, and any business processes discussed.

Here are the specific business practices we have adopted to honor this commitment:

Use of Information
  • Form Innovation Inc. (FI) will not disclose your Personal or Corporate information to anyone without your permission (see Referrals).
  • Access to this information is limited to people who need it to do their job.

    Hosts and Internet Connectivity
  • Hosting for our website and incoming POP3 email servers is supplied by one of the top providers in Canada at a secure class "A" data center located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Our FTP accounts are hosted on a shared server provided by a reputable Canadian hosting company. The server is located in a secure data center in Ontario, Canada. All FTP accounts are password protected.
  • No customer information is stored on either server except while email and file attachments are in transit, or during a pre-arranged HTTP file transfer.
  • SMTP services for outgoing mail and the DSL connection are supplied by a major Canadian ISP.

    Analytics and Server Logs
  • Our web host automatically adds a status log entry each time a page or file is requested. No personally identifiable information is captured or stored.
  • Third party website analytics features may be included on any page. These service providers may use one or more cookies.
  • We use server logs and analytics reports to improve our website and the services that we offer.

  • All incoming email resides on our POP3 server until it is retrieved and deleted from the server.

  • Cookies may be used by our third party web analytics providers.

    Virus, Trojan and Worm Prevention Measures
  • We use hardware and software firewalls, plus up to date virus scanners and definitions. All incoming email is scanned before it is accessed.
  • Our email provider also has a two tier spam filter which isolates most of these unwanted messages on the server so they are never loaded into our equipment.

    Customer Lists
  • We do not publish or disclose the identity of our valued customers. Most customers are in industries that do not want to attract attention to their business processes.

  • For some projects we may suggest working with a trusted partner to provide the best solution. In this case we will supply YOU with the contact information for the recommended partner. If it is necessary to share your information with our partner we will ask for your permission first.
  • This is the ONLY time we can foresee disclosing your information to others.

    Privacy and Security Risks Beyond Our Control

    Regardless of the measures we have put in place, the Internet is still a wild and mostly unregulated place. You should consider any Internet based communication as non-confidential and possibly monitored or intercepted by others. For this reason, Form Innovation Inc. will not be liable or responsible if information that belongs to you is intercepted and used by an unintended recipient.

    If law enforcement authorities ever search or seize our offices and equipment, they may gain access to your contact information and/or data. In this case, it is very likely they will review at least some of your information.

    It is also possible that Form Innovation Inc. could merge with or be acquired by another business entity or some or all of its assets could be acquired some time in the future. Such a transaction may involve the disclosure of contact information to prospective or actual purchasers. FI will seek appropriate protection for all your information in these types of transactions.

    These risks are present regardless of the organization you deal with. We have taken all the precautions we think are appropriate to safeguard your information within our company.

    Questions or Concerns

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policies.

    Revisions To This Policy

    All updates to this policy will be posted here.

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