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The ImageToolbox is designed for software developers who want to easily add high speed image file conversion features to their Windows based application.

Our optional batch processing application makes it easy to use the ImageToolbox without any programming.

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If you need additional image format conversion features not found in these product descriptions, please contact us. We can provide custom software solutions, additional file format support or other conversion services to match your project requirements. Please see our Services and Image Formats sections for more information.

The ImageToolbox is a Dynamic Link Library which is used by your program to provide image file conversion features. The API functions are designed to allow integration of these features into new or existing applications quickly and easily. The optional batch processor can be used to easily convert large numbers of image files without any programming. Our image toolbox is designed for rapid deployment!

The ImageToolbox feature set is designed for projects that need to:

  • Deal with large numbers of images, such as image conversion projects moving images into or out of an IBM based image solution.
  • Provide image import or export capabilities under program control for on the fly conversions.
  • Perform bulk image conversion for periodic transfer between TIFF based and IBM based image systems.
  • Convert from one compression method to another to:
    • Decrease long term storage requirements.
    • Allow incompatibly compressed images to load into legacy applications.
    • Convert images stored on legacy systems for on the fly viewing.
    • Compress uncompressed images to lower network bandwidth requirements.
  • Create PDF or TIFF files for use by document management systems.
  • Convert images to JPEG or PNG for display on web pages.
  • Print images on demand.
  • Create PDF, PostScript, PCL and other print versions of image files using standard Windows printer drivers.

The features provided to do this are:

  • High speed conversion of image file formats using our proprietary Image Exchange Technology.
  • Split and merge functions to handle multiple page image files.
  • Changing image compression from one type to another.
  • Modifying the resolution of images.
  • Create an unlimited number of multi-page PDF files (does not require any Adobe Acrobat products or page pack licenses).
  • PDF page size, orientation and margin options.
  • Color promotion and reduction options.
  • "Best fit" image rotation options (PDF and printing only).
  • Maximum image width and height for use on web pages (JPEG and PNG only).
  • Print to any installed Windows printer driver.
  • The optional batch processing application provides automated image file processing without programming.

There are two different versions of the ImageToolbox available to meet your conversion requirements. If your project requirements change in the future, upgrading from the Silver to Gold version is a very straightforward process.

The Silver version of the ImageToolbox provides very fast conversions between IBM MODCA / IOCA and TIFF image files using our proprietary Image Exchange Technology. Image files are converted without modifying the image data when the source and destination files use the same compression format. This significantly reduces the time required to convert each page when compared to other conversion products.

The ImageToolbox Silver has features which:

  • Convert TIFF image files to MODCA or IOCA files.
  • Convert MODCA or IOCA image files to TIFF files.
  • Convert MODCA or IOCA image files with JPEG compressed images to single page JPEG files.
  • Append one or multiple page TIFF image files to a single MODCA file.

Flexible file splitting and naming options are controlled using the toolbox APIs.

Additional documentation and a time limited version of this product are available in our Download Section.

Pricing, license and warranty information for the ImageToolbox Silver is available in our Product Pricing Section.

The Gold version of the ImageToolbox contains all the features of the Silver product, plus it adds support for translation of image compression formats. These APIs decompress the image data and enable you to customize the image before saving or printing it.

The ImageToolbox Gold provides the following features not found in the Silver product:

  • Specialized TIFF to MODCA / IOCA file translation functions, including file appending to create multiple page MODCA files.
  • Specialized MODCA / IOCA to TIFF file translation functions.
  • Resolution modification of each image during translation to a specified horizontal and vertical resolution value.
  • IBM PTOCA file support with PTOCA Overlay merging. Configuration settings allow you to recreate the original document.
  • Creation of an unlimited number of PDF files (does not require the purchase of any Adobe Acrobat products or page pack licenses).
  • Batch print image files with flexible printing options which allow output file naming under program control using most Windows printer drivers.
  • Read many bitonal and color image file formats.
  • Write popular image formats using a variety of compression methods.
  • Automatic color promotion/reduction to match the output file format.
  • Configurable color reduction options convert color images to bitonal.
  • Configurable output PDF page size and orientation.
  • Configurable page margins (PDF and printing only).
  • Configurable image rotation to allow "best fit" orientation (PDF and printing only).
  • Limit output image width and height for accurate placement on web pages (JPEG and PNG only).

Flexible file splitting, combining and naming options are controlled using the toolbox APIs.

If your image conversion project changes to an image translation project, the switch to the translation APIs is very straightforward. The API function calls are almost identical, requiring only function name changes and the addition of parameters specifying source and output compression formats.

Additional documentation and instructions for requesting a time limited demo of this product are available in our Download Section.

Pricing, license and warranty information for the ImageToolbox Gold is available in our Product Pricing Section.

Why should you use the ImageToolbox for your image conversion requirements?

  • Runs as a DLL for use by your program. All options and functions are controlled by your program, and all error conditions are reported back to your program. The ImageToolbox does not display Alert or Message boxes so your program controls the error handling and messages to the user.
  • Program APIs and documentation are in English, but since there is no user interface, it can be used for projects developed in any language.
  • Easily installed with your program:
    • Only one or two DLL files supply all the conversion features.
    • No INI files or registry entries are created.
    • All temporary files are well documented.
  • The product is not subject to any export restrictions.

The ImageToolbox is a 32 bit application which runs under any version of Microsoft Windows which supports these applications (Win 95 and up, and Win NT 3.51 and up). All APIs are written as C functions that can be called by 32 bit programs written in languages which can call DLL functions such as C, C++ and Visual Basic.

Additional documentation for the ImageToolbox is available in our Download Section.

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