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Form Innovation Inc. is a privately held Toronto-based company that provides image file conversion software and services. We’ve been delivering innovative conversion solutions to organizations world wide since 1995.

We will work with you to understand your project needs then suggest a conversion solution that matches your exact requirements and budget. Sometimes one of our ImageToolbox products is a perfect match, in other cases custom software is a better choice. All projects are quoted on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises!

Form Innovation Inc. has delivered solutions for a wide variety of industrial and government applications. Our customers include both end users and system integrators.

At Form Innovation Inc. we try our best to offer our customers exceptional value by providing powerful and reliable software, excellent support and reasonable prices.

Our goal is to provide the right conversion solution for your project and budget. The software should include the features you need, and run quickly and reliably. We do extensive reliability testing for conversion accuracy, resource leaks, as well as exception checking and error recovery before releasing any software.

We take the time needed up front to understand your project requirements and the types of documents that need to be processed. You can run unlimited test conversions on your documents using a demo program if one is available, or we can often provide a small number of converted samples. We encourage lots of testing before you buy.

With extensive pre-sales testing there are usually very few surprises once the project goes live. If there are problems we will fix program errors, or add features and extra file format support as needed.

Unfortunately we seldom get to meet our customers in person. To make up for this we have become very good at working remotely using email, phone and ftp. We will work closely with your project team to complete on time and on budget.

We do our best to keep our rates and prices reasonable so that they provide very good value. They are not the lowest in the industry but they are also far from the highest. Our billing rates reflect the cost of doing business and let us provide a high level of service for our customers.

We are the single source for purchasing our ImageToolbox software products, so everyone gets the same pricing. We do not sell through resellers.

For custom software development projects we provide a written quotation that defines the project scope, assumptions and all deliverables.

All projects are quoted on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises.

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